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I carry an extraordinary message of change. As the fourth of nine children born into deep poverty, my family integrated an all white school system in the mid-1950’s while living in a converted garage with no running water and a coal stove for heat. I have gone from those challenging beginnings to immersion in a wide variety of cultures and groups and on to earn a Master of Architecture degree from MIT which led to becoming the first licensed African American female architect in North Carolina. My work has earned  two White House visits and numerous awards but most important to me is the journey of the mind, the soul, and the lessons I have learned along the path. I am an architect and city planner, former social worker and educational planner, spiritual counselor, guide, change agent and visionary. My speaking invites you in and I always aim for “love or above.”

I speak to audiences in both formal and informal settings and bring with me a depth of experience in areas of life ranging from cultural and economic intersection, life purpose/life path, and leadership, to what physics and neuroscience offers as ways to guide us into to more inspired ways of living and seeing ourselves as the unlimited beings we already are. 

My approach to speaking is best summarized by Dottie Walter’s quote:

“Great speakers affect their audiences in astounding ways. I believe this is because the great speaker flashes a light of recognition into our minds. We suddenly see a truth that was already there…The ideas great speakers present are like a mirror flashing a bright signal from a far-off power source. We are transfixed. We have been waiting for that very message. We already know it. We recognize it. We say to ourselves, "This is true. This is the confirmation I have been waiting for. I recognize it and welcome it.” –Dottie Walters, Author of Speak and Grow Rich


Change is the only constant in life.  Change is also the biggest challenge facing people today. It is how we embrace and manage change that determines our individual definition of success.  I want to assist you in your growth as a change agent. Your success in designing a life well lived is my only goal for it is your growth that advances everyone.

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