FREEDOM CLAY, author and artist

Pat is a brilliant tour de force, who also happens to be very relatable and engaging when interacting with various audiences. Her unique ability and gift to construct and deconstruct affirming messages about life, purpose, service and energy in a cohesive, inspirational and captivating manner makes her an ideal and relevant speaker in many diverse settings. One will be able to see and co-experience this professionally skilled architect’s curation of positive words with a life enhancing and transforming impact. My name is freedom clay and I highly endorse “Patricia Harris Speaks” as a motivational speaker and thought leader. Author of “Inspirational and Provocative Moments on Faith, Self-Love and Relationships” & “575: a collection of haiku by freedom clay” 

NANCYLEE SPEARS, owner Studio 1212

 When I hear Pat speak, I experience the courage and strength of the human Spirit.  I always appreciate her honesty and natural ability to lift others up.  Pat speaks from her heart; the wonderful and the trials as well.  She shares about life. 

JOANNE NAPOLI, Professor (Ret.)

 I have heard Pat Harris speak several times. Every time I listen to  her, I feel that she speaks to my heart. She is down to earth and  communicates to the experiences that are familiar to all of us. It is  always a pleasure to hear how she takes that experience and brings it into an expanded dimension. I absolutely come away with a  greater appreciation and understanding of my experience and how I can  view it in the greater purpose of living my life. 

ANGELA AIRALL, MBA, Enlightened Leadership and Executive Coaching

 Patricia Harris offers deep wisdom and translates it into meaningful lessons for today's times. Being in her presence and trusting her voice of reason will transform your inner journeys into outer journeys as you experience aha’s throughout her message and manifest your dreams. By the time she exits stage right, you will realize you've been transformed by her intellectual wit, her compelling waves of reality juxtaposed against her speculative curiosity.