I know what it takes to go from growing up in the challenges of poverty and racism to living a life of achievement. I speak to audiences from their perspective using my vast experience with different cultures, social classes, and demographics. I use their internal references to  inspire them to think more creatively about the nature of change from a holistic perspective which then motivates the desired change to occur with ease and grace. I do not not shy away from sharing my vision that we are beings who are far more expansive than our everyday imaginings and behaviors for I know that we have great power to change ourselves and the lives we live while being a shining example and beacon for others.


 I am a serial entrepreneur who started my first business at age 24 and have founded and run  a total of five profitable and award winning businesses.  I have also performed as a team member to develop innovative and 'advanced vision' projects for school districts, communities, and municipalities.  I know that greatness comes from teamwork, shared vision, and supportive leadership.  More importantly, I understand that leadership must be an embodied quality that is constantly and consistently broadcast throughout the entire organization and that “leading from behind” is not an option.  I demonstrate that leadership focused on change and growth comes from a vision that “pulls” and seek to instill that mindset in audiences and workshop participants through a variety of visioning techniques and experiential activities. 

Life Balance

 After a devastating and life changing loss of many key people, family, and friends in a short period, I underwent a deep experience of grief, post traumatic stress, and exploration of life purpose that has resulted in a deeper development and understanding that we as human beings must have balance in order to have a life of quality, joy, and creativity.  I share my knowledge that we must explore and understand a set of key areas and practices in order to live fully as individuals and contribute to the evolution of humanity.  I work with individuals and groups to develop their own Life Maps through the understanding that no two of us are the same and it is both our differences and similarities that enable us to grow, evolve, and fully appreciate the beauty inherent in each other and our planet.